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All gardening entails massive intervention in the natural world, but this can be done sympathetically. Gardens may be enhanced as wildlife habitats, and we can engage actively with the pressing environmental issues of our day by adopting sustainable practices. We can work with and care for our own living environment.

Conserving our resources is also appropriate for the credit crunch era: growing your own produce saves money as well as reducing food miles to zero. I have undertaken wildlife survey work and have a particular interest in our native flora. For many years I have been involved the management and maintenance of publicly owned nature reserves. I have always been committed to wildlife-friendly gardening and have created many ponds, woodlands, and wild flower meadows.

I am also interested in traditional building materials and techniques, and in structures made from natural materials.

I offer these services:

Eco audit and design
Wildlife survey
Habitat creation, enhancement and repair
Management plans
Water conservation
The productive garden
Structures in natural materials

Example garden plansGARDEN PLANS

Example of an eco- design for a pond

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